Friday, 22 January 2016

Aragon Battalions

The start of my Carlist force. The Army of the Maestrazgo.

It will be made up of
3 x sections of Aragon Battalions: Volunteer and Drilled.
2 x sections of Aragon Tercios Battalions: Militia, Undrilled.
1 x section of Aragon Guides: Regular, Well Drilled.

I have taken all my information on troop types from two books " All Honour is Lost" composed by the King's Carbine and the " First Carlist War" by Conrad Cairns.

This project will not be a 100% accurate portrayal of the war but rather my adventure style gaming version. I will move troop types and class to suit the rules and my interpretation of the period.

Fuerte el Diablo

There were many different small fortifications used during the war. Some changing hands many times.
Carlos is building me a block house of the period that will be a centre piece for my wargames table.
It will be surrounded with an earth work and at some point in the future a separate powder store.
Here is a work in progress image of the Fuerto el Diablo, a totally made up defence work for my games.

concept sketch by Carlos

My Isabelino foreign troops force

The force
4 x Sections of French Foreign Legion.
4 x Sections of British Auxiliary Infantry.
1 x Section of British Auxiliary Lancers.
1 x Scouts
1 x Section of Engineers.
1 x Royal Artillery.
1 x Royal Artillery Rockets.

Figures painted by Javier Gomez and myself. Figures are all Perry Miniatures.

The French Foreign Legion

On 27th of June 1835, 5000 men of the FFL left Algiers for service in Spain.
The first battle was at the Castle of Guimera Sept 1835. They showed no mercy to the enemy and were not shown any in return for the rest of the war.

French Legion Infantry: Well Drilled and Veteran Troops. I will be grouping these troops into 4 sections of 8 for use with the new Sharp Practice 2 wargames rules.